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Riding Lessons: 905•745•4773
Boarding: 289•237•1043
General Enquiries: 905•679•1284
6095 Dickenson Rd. at Nebo Rd. Hamilton, ON

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Riding School Services Price List

Saddle horse photoAll include HST as of September 1, 2017, and are subject to change with notice.

  • Group lesson (3 or more riders) = $35.00
  • Semi private (2 riders) = $45.00
  • Private (1 rider) = $55.00
  • Trail rides
  • Corporate/birthday parties = $30.00
  • Rental fee of MJM riding school horse for use in a horse show or clinic (e.g., on property shows, off property shows at Hamilton hunt club, lesson with a coach that is not an instructor of MJM riding school such as Don Brandle, Daisy Kosa, Hyde Moffat) = $25.00
  • Day fee for coaching by an MJM riding school instructor at on or off property shows = $30.00

Now accepting payment by cash or cheque only at the time of the lesson. Receipts available by emailing daisymeadowsequestrian@gmail.com

Part-board lesson packages (2 times a week): includes eight group lessons per month = $285.00 (includes HST) Download Part Board Contract pdf

Part-board lesson packages (3 times a week): includes four semi-private lessons, and eight group lessons per month at a cost of $385.00 (includes HST) Download Part Board Contract pdf

Please note: We do not offer our MJM Riding School horses for rental or free rides (this includes our part-boarders). All rides must be supervised by MJM Riding School instructors.

About our Services

Riding Lessons: Our Lesson program is based on the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride/Drive Program which “provides the opportunity for individuals of all ages to learn best practices for safe and enjoyable experiences handling, riding … horses.” (See https://www.equestrian.ca/programs-services/learn-to-ride for more information). Our riding instructors have achieved a minimum of Equine Canada Rider Level 6 and have achieved success on provincial level competition circuits. We offer horsemanship clinics and rider level testing throughout the year (see our horsemanship page for more details).
Lessons are 1 hour on horse back, and 15 min before the lesson to get the horse ready and 15 min after the lesson to put the horse away. Please arrive a minimum of 15 min before your lesson start time. If you arrive late, we will not run the lessons over time as there is likely a lesson booked after yours (see Lesson Schedule below).
Part-board lesson packages: Part-boarding a horse is a great way to spend time riding without the commitment of ownership. A part boarder pays for a certain number of rides per week (specified below) on a horse owned by the riding school. The 2 times a week package includes eight group lessons per month. The 3 times a week package includes four semi-private lessons, and eight group lessons per month. A rider part boarding gets priority on their part boarded horse for shows and lessons. Advantages include no capital investment in  horse or equipment, no unexpected expenses, no vet or farrier costs, and if your part boarded horse is unable to be ridden due to illness there will be another horse that you may ride. The part board fee (non refundable) is paid on the first DAY OF COMMENCING THE PART BOARD. Please note that ‘Pleasure’ rides are not permitted, all rides must be supervised by an MJM riding school instructor as part of a lesson.
Horse showing (see shows for more information): MJM Riding School students will be offered the chance to show at in-house and off-property competitions at the Hamilton Hunt Cub. Riders must be accompanied at any horse shows/off property activities by an MJM Equestrian riding school instructor. Except by written alternative agreement with MJM Equestrian riding school instructor all shipping to off-property horse shows is done by MJM Equestrian riding school. Make sure you let your instructor know if you are interested in competing.
Trail rides: We always do a 20 min beginner lesson before heading out on the trails to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. The trail ride is then 40 min, making the entire experience 1 hour on horse back. We usually book all trail rides on Saturdays and Sundays.
Birthday/corporate parties: We can accommodate up to 15 riders for a party. Each rider will have a 30 min group lesson with a maximum of 6 people on horse back at a time. The people who are not riding will receive horsemanship lessons (e.g., how to groom a horse), while the other people are riding. After riding, we have a party room available for your use (table and chairs provided). The birthday party will take approximately 2 hours. All party members will be required to sign a rider registration form.

How to get started

What you need: For your lesson/party/trail ride you'll want to make sure you wear long, close fitting pants (no shorts), rain boots (no running shoes), and thin gloves (garden gloves are fine). Bring water as well to stay hydrated. We provide ASTM certified helmets at no charge, and ALL riders will be required to wear helmets when on or working around the horses. Also bring bottled water to stay hydrated.
Where to go: We are located at 6095 Dickenson Road East. Our entrance is south of Dickenson Road on Nebo. Please drive to the SECOND ENTRANCE SOUTH OF DICKENSON ON NEBO. You will see signs for the riding school. The barn is immediately on your right, with parking lot on your left. Please go to the second set of doors on your right as you drive in. The riding school office is immediately on your right hand side as you drive in.

How to book:
Call or text Daisy Kosa at 905-745-4773 or email daisymeadowsequestrian@gmail.com

Group Lesson Schedule

Note subject to change- all booking to be made with Daisy Kosa at (905) 745-4773
Trail rides, birthday parties, semi-private and private lesson bookings available on request
Mondays- Instructor Chelsey Overell
5-6pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
6-7pm- Level 1 Group Lesson
7-8pm- Level 3 Semi private
8-9pm- Level 3 Semi private
Tuesdays- Instructor Chelsey Overell
5-6pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
6-7pm- Level 1 Group Lesson
7-8pm- Level 3 Group Lesson
8-9pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
Wednesdays- Instructor Crystal Roach
5-6pm Level 2 Group
6-7pm- Level 3 Group
7-8pm- Level 1 Group
8-9pm- Level 2 Group
Thursdays- Instructor Glencora Mulgrue
5-6pm Level 2 Group
6-7pm Level 1 Group
7-8pm Level 2 Group
8-9pm Level 3 Group
Fridays- Instructor Glencora Mulgrue
5-6pm Level 2 Group
6-7pm Level 1 Group
7-8pm Level 1/2 Group
8-9pm Level 3/4 Group
Saturday- Instructors Patrick Kosa and Sabrina De Roo
9am – Level 1 Group Lesson
10am – Level 1 Group Lesson
11am- Level 2 Group Lesson
12pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
1pm- Level 1 Group Lesson
2pm- Level 3 Group Lesson
3pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
4pm- Level 1 Group Lesson
5pm- Level 2 Group Lesson
Sunday- Instructor Katie Anderson
11am-12pm- Level 2 Semi private
12pm-1pm- Level 1 Private
1pm-2pm- Level 1 Group
2pm-3pm-Level 1 Semi private
3pm-4pm- Level 1 Group
4pm-5pm- Level 2 Group
5pm-6pm- Birthday parties/Trail Rides Slot